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Mandarin cake with extra virgin oil from jaén

Mandarin cake with extra virgin oil from jaén

Mandarin cake with extra virgin oil from Jaén, the confinement breakfast.

In these days of confinement in which pastries have become a MUST, the mandarin sponge cake with extra virgin oil from Jaén cannot be missing from your recipes. We love it, because it is different, the citric and sweet touch of the mandarin with our picual oil, creates a perfect tandem. It is also so fluffy that they can be frozen, and when you take it out days later … it looks just as good!

Here are the ingredients and steps to follow.


4- 5 eggs depending on the size

200 gr of brown sugar

4 small tangerines

100 g of extra virgin olive oil picual Pago de Espejo

80 gr of liquid cream

250 g plain flour

1 sachet of yeast

The zest of 1 tangerine


  1. We preheat the oven to 180º, with heat up and down (it depends a bit on the power of your oven).
  2. We wash the mandarins, we grate the skin of one of them, and the rest, we squeeze them. We keep the juice.
  3. We take a bowl, and we add the eggs, and the sugar. Beat for about five minutes, either by hand with a rod, or with the Thermomix or similar robot. (we use the machine …)
  4. While beating, we gradually add the olive oil (always remember extra virgin).
  5. Slowly add the juice, cream and zest and continue stirring.
  6. Sift the flour and yeast, and add it to the mixture. We stir well until everything is integrated.
  7. We grease our mold with a little of our EVOO, and sprinkle a little flour.
  8. We dump the dough in the mold, and shake the container a couple of times so that everything is uniform.
  9. Bake at 180º for 35 minutes, at a medium height.


  • This cake can be frozen, and it will be just as fresh when you take it out.
  • Do not even think about using a mold like ours, the cake is very attractive and equally tasty, but it takes almost two hours to cook, since the temperature does not reach the center of it in the same way. Therefore, it will be raw with only 35 minutes. My advice, use the typical rectangular elongated, which is very uniform.

The best thing about this cake, its flavor, and that it lasts tender for several days wrapped in a transparent plastic.

Bon appetit!


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