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Lemon sorbet with extra virgin oil

Lemon sorbet with extra virgin oil

Try something different: Lemon sorbet with extra virgin oil.

The lemon sorbet has always been a very useful dessert, since it is digestive, refreshing, easy to make and has thousands of possible recipes. Today we propose a new version of lemon sorbet with extra virgin oil, which provides a lot of body and a totally different flavor. A healthy, original and year-round dessert that will not leave your guests indifferent!

Extra virgin oil, as we have commented in previous posts, is an ingredient that is increasingly used in cocktails. The aroma and body that they add to the drink, result in a drink with a texture and flavor that was previously unknown. We enjoy something new, while giving our bodies healthy vitamins and acids.

In addition, in our special recipe, we will include a few drops of Bitter Angostura. For all those who do not know what this ingredient is, we will tell you everything we have discovered about it.

It was invented by a German doctor Johann Gottlieb Siegert in 1817 for therapeutic purposes to cure illnesses such as dizziness or stomach pain. But one day, a daring bartender decided to use it in cocktails, discovering that it enhanced the flavor of the drink and gave it a very pleasant aroma of lime, raisins, dried chamomile flowers, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, and a long etc. In addition, it includes other aromatic herbs that manufacturers have kept secret since their inception.


  • 1 and half liters of lemon ice cream, the old one, not the sorbets that we now find on the market.
  • 500 ml of cava.
  • 100 cc of condensed milk or liquid cream (to choose the option that we like the most)
  • A few drops of Angostura (bitter)
  • Gourmet extra virgin olive oil Pago de Espejo (a splash)


It only takes ten minutes to do it and it is very very easy. We do it at the moment of being served to preserve the body and that it does not remain liquid.

  • Take the ice cream out of the freezer half an hour before making the sorbet, and we put it in the fridge so that it loses cold.

  • We put the sorbet in a blender or Thermomix glass, we add the cava and the cream (or condensed milk)

  • A splash of extra virgin olive oil from Jaén, Pago de Espejo
  • vaso cata aceite Jaén
  • and a few drops of angostura,

And to beat !!!

Depending on the number of people, we will use more ingredients, and a larger bowl type container …

  • To serve it we simply fill the glass or glasses to the top, and add a little peppermint.

And enjoy this delicious extra virgin lemon sorbet!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Life.


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