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Buffalo burrata and Picual extra virgin olive oil.

Buffalo burrata and Picual extra virgin olive oil.

Buffalo Burrata, and extra virgin olive oil, a great tandem.

At home, we are lovers of Italian food, and we cook with many of their foods. For this reason, today we bring you a recipe with one of its best products, the buffalo burrata and extra virgin olive oil Picual de Jaén. Which are the best oils!

A short time ago, we discovered the buffalo burrata, a delicious Italian cheese that, drizzled with our excellent Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is a delicacy of the gods at a popular price.

For those who do not know the burrata or burratina, it is a spun pasta cheese, made with cow’s milk and comes from the Puglia region, Italy. The name “burrata” has its origin in the term “burro”, which in Italian means butter. Precisely because it reminds of the smoothness and creaminess of butter. It comes in the form of a bag, tied with a string, and is packaged in liquid, to ensure its conservation.

But, what is spun pasta ?: Well, when the cheese is made, when the curd is separated from the whey, the latter is heated to 80ºC; when the curd comes into contact with the whey at that temperature it is spun, making the cheese elastic.

It is a soft, creamy and different cheese. As it is very creamy and with a powerful flavor, it hardly needs any accompaniments, which is why it is perfect to taste as a starter, pairing it with our extra virgin Picual. Our oil gives it that slight spicy touch, and aroma of tomato and fresh fruit.

The optimal temperature to take the burrata is room temperature, that is, neither cold nor hot, since the flavors of both foods are much more appreciated.

Like everything in life, there are different qualities, and depending on the place of purchase and the price, as well as the region of origin, you can find better and worse. We have found a really good burrata in Madrid that you can buy here.

But in all the cities where we have to reside for a while, we look for the perfect store that offers us the best buffalo burrata in the area. So if you want us to give you recommendations for other cities / towns, write us a comment!


  • Buffalo burrata.
  • Picual extra virgin olive oil
  • Basil (optional)
  • Pepper (optional)
  • Bread (you will love to have soups)

If you are in love with the buffalo burrata, you have to try this recipe.

Because couples complement each other: try the softness of the burrata, and the hotness of the Picual.


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