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What to drink when you don’t drink?

What to drink when you don’t drink?

Non-alcoholic cocktails with extra virgin olive oil 2019.

In today’s society, there are many people who avoid drinking alcohol. Either for health or well-being reasons, maternity or simply a matter of taste. When they go out for a drink, or go to a special event, they always end up asking the same question: “what to drink when you don’t drink.”

It is not something transcendental, or a serious problem, but it is something that, at a certain stage of our lives, can become tedious. Because at the end of the day, we all have a social life, plans with friends and family, special events…

And then, the doubts arrive:

What do I ask? What to drink when you don’t drink?

Throughout the history of cinema, many famous people have delighted us with their movie cocktails. Well it was a Manhattan, in the mythical scene of “With skirts and crazy.” Or the Margarita, associated with the beautiful Rita Heyworth. A sexy Cosmopolitan from the “recent” Sex and the City series, or the stylish Champagne Cocktail from the classic Casablanca…

And all of them with a common denominator, alcohol as the main ingredient.

But what if we took both ideas, put them in the shaker and something delicious came out? That is, what if we could have something healthy, rich, appetizing, with flavor and aroma, even “fashionable”, and that did not contain alcohol?

For whatever reason, and to avoid that the next time you go out you gorge yourself on tomato juice, tea or even worse, WATERRR …



From March 2019 to September 2019, Casa Lobo incorporates, off the menu, creations made with our extra virgin olive oil and without alcohol. These are four refreshing recipes, ideal to consume at any time and occasion.

We cannot tell you what they taste like, or what it feels like to try them, for this you will have to experience it yourself. But we can anticipate that it is not a “bland cocktail without more” as non-alcoholic cocktails tend to sin.

These four cocktails have a “punch” or, as one might say in the world of soccer, they are “skilled”. And why?

  • Because they maintain the aroma of the extra virgin.
  • They are not extremely sweet.
  • They are very original and different, not a simple replica of the original cocktails but without alcohol.
  • They are super tasty and refreshing.

Without a doubt, they are the perfect ally for those moments with friends, with the main advantage that you will not end up like Dorothy Parker (American humorist and screenwriter who used to say: “One Martini is good, two even better. With three I end up under the table, and with four under the host :-))


1- EVOO and Tomato Cocktail: Tomato juice, cucumber slices, blueberry juice, lemon and extra virgin olive oil.

2- Extra Virgin Cocktail and Orange: Orange and carrot juice, Passion fruit puree, Sugar and EVOO.

3- Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Strawberry Cocktail: Strawberry Puree, Pomegranate Juice, Lime Juice, Sugar and EVOO.

4- Extra virgin and blackberry cocktail: Blackberry puree, melon juice, coconut syrup, lime juice and EVOO.

Now, there is no excuse to stay home. Come try them!

Casa Lobo address: c / Torrecilla del Puerto, 5. CP 28043 Madrid.

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  1. Margaret 1 year ago

    Thank you for putting this out there. I agree with your opinion and I hope more people would come to agree with this as well.

    • Mercedes 1 year ago

      Thank you and for entering our blog; We hope to see you more often.

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