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Our olive oil




In terms of both the flavour of our olive oil and our character, because excellence can only be reached through passion. It is the PASSION for what we do every day what we want to show the world through the singularity of our olive oil.


We strive to preserve our roots in the place where we come from, because that is what makes us unique and authentic. In our Pago, where we control all the harvesting and production process, we also verify the meticulous care taken in producing our olive oil.


Always ahead of the curve, our hallmarks are imagination and inventiveness, which define everything we do. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand with packaging formats that differentiate this olive oil from the rest of the market.

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  • A mi pareja le encanta este tipo de productos gourmet y cuando vi el precio de estos aceites y también la presentación me decanté por comprar un par de botellas. El regalo ha sido un éxito y el aceite les da un toque fenomenal a las comidas. Mis felicitaciones.

    Jose Urena Avatar Jose Urena

    Además de tener un aceite de primera calidad, saben tratar a los clientes. Tuve un problema con uno de los pedidos y me lo solucionaron al momento, con mucha amabilidad. Da gusto encontrarse con personas a las que le gusta su trabajo y disfrutan con lo que hacen.

    Lía Alcocer Avatar Lía Alcocer
  • Mi padre está jubilado y está ahora aficionándose a la cocina. Encontré por Internet buena crítica de este aceite y lo compré para regalárselo en la versión limitada. A mi padre le ha encantado, dice que hacia años que no probaba un aceite de tan buena calidad.

    Tomas Pomar Avatar Tomas Pomar

    Es la primera vez que compro este tipo de productos por Internet, pero debo decir que estoy encantado. El sabor del aceite es increíble, muy diferente del que hemos probado anteriormente. Por otro lado, el diseño del envase nos ha parecido perfecto, muy bonito y cuidado para un aceite tan especial.

    Manuel Gomez Avatar Manuel Gomez
  • Espectacular aceite , punto de acided justo que me encanta ! Me gusta mucho el formato de 3 litros es muy util para rellenar la aceitera y no tener quw comprar continuamente. Mi desayuno todas las mañanas con pan calentito

    Diego Ferreiro Avatar Diego Ferreiro

    Estamos enamorados de este fantástico aceite. Relación Calidad precio excelente. Nuestros platos han pasado a otra dimensión desde que lo usamos.Además, el diseño de la botella es tan bonito que estamos pensando regalarlo por navidades ¡¡Felicidades!!!!

    joaquin ortiz Avatar joaquin ortiz

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Picual gourmet olive oil

Pago de Espejo olive oil is much appreciated by the palate of their consumers, including professional tasters, and has even won the Special Quality Award at Expoliva 2017. The reason is that it is a signature olive oil.

The more than 8,000 centenary olive trees we have in our property provide us with picual olives. Our olives are harvested at the beginning of the season, from late October to mid-November, when they are “en envero” (which means they have not reached full maturity yet), since this is the time when we can exploit all their exceptional herbaceous aromas, such as olive leaves, freshly cut grass, tomatoes and almonds.

Pago de Espejo olive oil is produced by meticulously selecting all harvested fruits, so that they always arrive at our mill in perfect condition. Once there, they are milled within 24 hours so that their properties remain intact. Then the AOVE is extracted without heating or chemicals, decanted through a natural process and packaged. This whole thorough process allows to preserve all the organoleptic features that classify picual olive oil as the most heart-healthy olive oil thanks to its high concentration of oleic acid and polyphenols.

The monovarietal picual oil is perfectly balanced between a sweet entry to the palate and a slightly spicy twist at the end, typical of the young olive oils from this variety. With an intense presence, this olive oil could play a key role in a dish in just a small dose.

Highly stable against oxidation and rancidification, and deeply flavoured, Pago de Espejo olive oil displays its full personality when consumed raw (in toasts, salads or carpaccios), but also when used for frying and stewing.

Pago de Espejo olive oil is available in two luxury formats of 500 mL and 3 L, a revolutionary vacuum-packaging in the golden liquid industry that allows to preserve the olive oil in perfect condition, with a dispenser valve that allows for a quick and clean extraction.

You can buy our exquisite signature olive oil in a 3 L “bag in tube” or a 500 mL limited edition box. The packaging design is very important for us. That is why we chose a deep red colour, which reflects the passion we always put in what we do and gives character to our golden liquid from its very packaging.

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