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Andújar flamenquines, fried with extra virgin. The authentic

Andújar flamenquines, fried with extra virgin. The authentic

Andújar flamenquines, the authentic and fried ones with extra virgin

Flamenquines are a classic of Andalusian food. Its origin has always been related to Córdoba, although the reality is that the first flamenquin was created more than 80 years ago in Andújar, Jaén. A married couple who own a renowned restaurant in this town, gave life to this exquisite delicacy, without knowing that it would become so well known.

Although it is true that there are multiple versions, the authentic and original is far from the popular version that is known stuffed with ham and cheese. At home, we are very very fans of this dish, and for generations we have cooked this dish, passing the recipe from parents to children. In its beginnings, the Madrid-Seville restaurant (that’s the name of the restaurant that gave life to the flamenquines of Andújar), soaked the meat in a sweet muscatel. Later, and given the success among the children’s audience, the chefs substituted this ingredient for a fresh and citrus lemon juice.

If to all this, we add a good raw material (a good meat, a juicy and tasty ham, and an excellent extra virgin olive oil) and a little patience to roll the flamenquines and get them to be very very thin….

Success, my friends, is assured…

Without further ado, we share our recipe for the authentic flamenquines from Andújar, fried with Pago de Espejo extra virgin, of course.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

  • 1 kg of pork loin ribbon (cut very thin)
  • 2 thick slices of Serrano ham (about 1 finger thick and with bacon to taste)
  • 2-3 lemons
  • 2 eggs
  • Bread crumbs
  • Salt
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pago de Espejo



  • Cut the ham strips across the width, about one cm each. Keep them.

aceite virgen extra flamenquines

  • Stretch the pork fillets very well, and mash them with a kitchen mallet, especially around the edges. The goal is to make them very finite.

aceite de jaen

  • In a deep plate, pour the lemon juice once squeezed and strained. Pass the fillet a couple of times through the juice, and when removing it, add a little coarse salt. (This is by eye, it will depend on how salty the ham is).

aceite virgen extra mejor

  • Put a couple of ham strips on top, in parallel with each other, trying to get the bacon in the center. And roll it up little by little, pressing very well, so that it is as pressed as possible. (It will release some of the lemon juice, but nothing happens, you have enough).
  • Prepare the eggs and breadcrumbs to be breaded like a croquette. Pass it through the egg, and then through the breadcrumbs. This last step of the bread, repeat it several times, and squeeze with your hands each time, to press them very well, and that it is very thin and covered with bread all over.

aceite de Jaén

  • Put the oil (we insist on ours, because in addition to giving it an extra flavor as it is a Picual; as we have already commented on other occasions, extra virgin oil is the best for frying, since when it is heated its quantity doubles, and it is the only one that maintains its properties despite the heat). We put the olive oil well in the fryer or in the pan, and when it is very very strong, we add them. We give it a turn so that it browns all over, and we fry it very little, about a minute, to make it very juicy inside.aceite virgen extra cosecha temprana
  • Drain the excess oil and present.

mejor aceite de Jaén


We warn you, once you make this recipe to your friends and family, you will be lost, it will always be your turn to take them to all meetings. Likewise, it is a recipe especially suitable for children, since they love to cook it, (because of the hammer blows, the “dirtyness” of the batter, etc.) and because they like it very much.

And what is healthier than this dish for them ???

To enjoy!


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