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Chocolate mousse with extra virgin olive oil

Chocolate mousse with extra virgin olive oil

Charles Dickens used to say “the human being is a man of habits”, and in my humble opinion, and a series of researchers from Boston University, it’s totally true.

We just go to and from a small number of places, we do the same things, at the same time and in a certain way, in order not to have to reflect or make decisions that require additional effort.

But if we want to experience new things, we have to break with the routine…

Today we suggest that you try a mixture of conflicting ingredients, which have always been identified as eternal enemies; what in fashion would be fuchsia and red united in the same garment, but brought to gastronomy: Sweet with salty.

What would you say if I told you that chocolate and salt are great friends? What if we add the secret ingredient to that, as I told my niece? Well, we get the perfect, original, tasty, different and nutritious dessert.

And it is that, at home, we have always been big fans of chocolate mousse, and for years, influenced by some of our trips and readings, we are encouraged to try mixtures of impossible flavors. We made the usual mousse, with the usual recipe:


For 4 people:

1. 175 g of dark chocolate. Pure chocolate

chocolate puro

2. 30 g of butter. Butter and olive oil

mantequilla y aceite de oliva

3. 4 eggs. Eggs and oil from Jaén

huevos y aceite de Jaén

4. 80g of whole grain or icing sugar. Extra virgin sugar and oil

azúcar y aceite virgen extra

5. 200ml of liquid cream to whip. Mousse with extra virgin

Mousse con virgen extra

6. The secret ingredient. An extra olive oil bottle

botella aceite oliva extra


We made the usual mousse, following the traditional recipe. A very good one that you can consult is this mousse recipe

Once finished, and assembled in its glass, or ideal container, and after leaving it a little at room temperature (you know that they first have to be in the fridge for some hours to set) we decide to serve. And it was just at that moment, when we added a few touches of Maldon salt, and a splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pago de Espejo, would be a great option.

Then, we stir it with the spoon, and we take it directly to the palate. The feeling and the experience was spectacular, and happy with the result, we encouraged ourselves to give it to the little ones of the house to try, so they would be eating a homemade sweet, based on chocolate, and HEALTHY.

The reaction was sensational, they loved it, and they asked for more and more. At first, we did not tell them what they were carrying, only that it was a magical mousse, with a secret ingredient, (chocolate mousse with extra virgin oil and salt), because if they know it from the beginning, they may not dare to try it … And it is that, as I said at the beginning: “the human being is a man of customs …”, but it was saying the magic words: SECRET INGREDIENT, and everything changed.

Now they are the ones who whisper, and tell in the ear of their school friends, the secret ingredient with which we cook at home … (extra virgin oil) and they boast saying that they make the best dessert in the world, our virgin chocolate mousse extra.

And you, do you dare to break with the routine?

Try the extra virgin chocolate mousse and your after-meals will change!


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