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Steak tartar with extra virgin oil base from jaén

Steak tartar with extra virgin oil base from jaén

Steak tartare with extra virgin oil or the best homemade steak tartare you have ever tried.

This stage of our lives, in which creativity is a MUST, has given us the kitchen. So, we are rescuing recipes that we had forgotten from day to day. Today we want to talk about the steak tartare based on extra virgin oil from Jaén, that is, no more sauces than necessary, no more dressings or vegetables than necessary. Good meat, great extra virgin olive oil, and a few secret touches, make our steak tartare a delicacy of gods.

Legend has it that the origin of this succulent dish is the work of Mongolian horsemen known as the Tartars. These horsemen spent long and arduous seasons riding through the steppes. We do not know if in order to soften it, or preserve it or even perhaps to heal the wounds of the horses, the fact is that they placed this lean meat, under the saddle and then ate it raw.

Another more realistic theory places the origin of this dish in French cuisine and in its 20th century hotels, which had been cooking with raw meat for quite some time, under the name of beefsteak.

Be that as it may, what strikes us the most is that to this day, it continues to be mispronounced, since in reality, the “e” should be voiced, leaving it as “steik” and not as “stik”.

In any case, we fall in love, especially the recipe we make at home, which gives meat a leading role, closely followed by extra virgin olive oil and a touch of soy. Here is our recipe.

INGREDIENTS: (for 3 people)

  • 700 gr of meat (meat is the main protagonist, so it must be a good piece, tender, fat-free, and flavourful. We always choose beef tenderloin, or a cheaper but equally good option. A beef tenderloin Galician blonde, which, as my cannibal butcher told me, this meat has it all: it’s young, it’s Galician and it’s blonde.
  • 1/4 of cup of extra virgin olive oil from Jaén Pago de Espejo.
  • 2 tablespoons soy
  • 1 tablespoon Worcester sauce.
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard.
  • 1/4 of chopped white onion.
  • 2 tablespoons of capers.
  • Salt and pepper to taste


1- We remove the veal from the fridge so that it is cold and costs less to cut it. In addition, little by little it will lose the cold, and thus it will be at its point when we go to eat it, and we can enjoy all its flavors. We, as we have bought it as we said above in our cannibal butcher, we ordered it already chopped, and without fat, so later at home, we only had to cut it into smaller pieces with a good knife. (approx 1cm).

2- We chop the white onion (or purple or chive) into very small pieces, or we chop it directly with the machine speed 8 for 1 minute and perfect. Likewise, we add the capers to the robot or chop very small, and season. We booked.

solomillo ternera con aceite de oliva virgen extra

3- In a bowl, beat the soybeans, Worcester sauce, Dijon mustard, egg yolk, and our early harvest extra virgin from Jaén with a rod until everything emulsifies. Add the onion and capers and mix everything very well.

emulsión aceite oliva virgen extra de jaén con huevo y sals worcester

salsa strak tartar con aove de Jaén Pago de Espejo


4- Add the meat to the mixture, and mix everything very well. We test and correct the point of salt, soy, worcester sauce and oil.

steak tartar con aceite de Jaén

5- We toast some very thin slices of bread, that if we want we can sprinkle them previously with a garlic, and a touch of our olive oil from Jaén, and the mixture with the steak tartare will be barbaric, as its creators ;-).

6- Plate and decorate with some small cut capers around, with a little oil on top, the toasts and of course, the steak tartare in the center.

steak tartar con aceite de oliva virgen extra

On this occasion, we have used a mold that we had at home to make fried eggs with fun shapes for the little ones, to give it a slightly more special shape.

A great and very easy recipe, which with a touch of extra virgin olive oil and soybeans, will have a smooth and tasty texture, since picual pairs perfectly with red meats.

Completion time: 20 minutes!

Go ahead and do it, it will pleasantly surprise you and your guests, much more!


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