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Extra virgin olive oil sponge cake 2.0

Extra virgin olive oil sponge cake 2.0

The sponge cake is something that everyone likes. If it is an extra virgin olive oil cake, much better. But what if we mix sandwich maker and extra virgin olive oil cake in the same equation? We get something sublime:

The cakesandwich (The spongesandwich)

In today’s recipe, we tell you how to make an extra virgin olive oil cake but in version 2.0. That is, tasty, natural and quick to make. It is simply worth it, for smelling the mixture of the extra virgin with the lemon, the eggs, and the sugar. Mmmmmm if smells could be illustrated…

Our little ones are in love with this new formula, and we are much more in love, since the dough lasts a couple of days, and you can make them toasty every afternoon. They are homemade and above all, they contain extra virgin oil, which helps them grow and strengthens their bones.


3 eggs

170 grams of sugar

250 grams of pastry flour

1 natural yogurt (we have used the one with cane sugar that gives it more flavor)

1 sachet of yeast

1 lemon zest

1 little icing sugar and ground cinnamon

110 milliliters of Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaén, Pago de Espejo.



You can do it manually with rods or with a food processor. We decided to use the robot, since in a few seconds you have everything mixed, and it also manages to mix the olive oil with the rest of the ingredients in a very homogeneous way.

1- We take a large bowl or container and add the eggs. (the mixing glass in the case of the robot)

2- We pour the sugar and stir with a rod until the sugar is integrated with the eggs. (in the robot 40 seconds is enough)

bowl azucar con virgen extra y huevos

3- Add the yogurt and stir equally.

4- We now incorporate the extra virgin olive oil. Ours, being an extra virgin Picual oil, gives it that little touch of flavor and a slight final itch, very pleasant with the mixture. We mix until everything is homogeneous, enjoying the aromas when mixed. (on the robot with one minute enough)

5- Now we add the zest of a lemon. We like that the chips are minimal to appreciate, the flavor, and small particles of lemon that you can bite into.

ralladura de limón con aceite virgen extra

aceite oliva con limón

6- And to finish, we include the flour and yeast, which we have previously sifted with a sieve.

In such a way, that a homogeneous mass will remain, as in the photograph that we reserve for when we want to make the cakesandwich (The spongesandwich)

masa bizcosandwich con aceite de jaen

7- We heat the sandwich maker, and with a brush, we sprinkle it with a little extra virgin oil. When it is hot enough, simply pour the dough into each hole with a saucepan, and leave it for 2-3 minutes (by eye, it will depend on the power of each machine). We like that there are juices inside, so we don’t leave them in excess for a long time.

8- We take them out, and we simply place them by sprinkling a little icing sugar and cinnamon that we have previously mixed in another small bowl.

And here we have the result!!!



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