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About us


It was around 1920 and our great-grandmother Damiana, an intelligent and brave woman with great business vision, persuaded her husband Manuel to buy a property with “major potential”.

When Manuel asked her how they would pay for it, she answered: “Leave it to me, step by step…”.

One week later, Manuel was already hanging up a sign that read “LA CONDESA” on the gate of a wonderful property in Villanueva de la Reina full of robust picual olive trees.

This innovative, brave and unique woman has led the way for the following generations of women in the family, who strive every day to produce a one-of-a-kind extra virgin olive oil.

Over the years, as a result of the effort, passion and perseverance of the Espejo family, the property expanded to 200 hectares, a production volume of over 250,000 kilos and a fantastic olive mill.

In 2015, the dream of a girl raised among olives comes true with the fourth generation and its forerunner, Rosario Minchón Espejo: one of the best extra virgin olive oils.

Our property… La Condesa

Located in Villanueva de la Reina, more than 200 hectares of centenary olive trees surround the property.

The Espejo family, always ahead of the curve, invented machines to improve the harvesting process that later on have been the basis for many machines currently on the market.

With this drive to innovate, La Condesa was the first fully mechanised farm in the province of Jaen in the late 1980s.

Over the years, as a result of the effort, passion and perseverance of the Espejo family, the property expanded and it currently has its own olive mill where we produce our extra virgin olive oil.

The team makes it possible


A cheerful, educated and enthusiastic lover of new projects, she did not hesitate for an instant to embark on this journey and make our AOVE known.

Convinced of the primary role of rural women, her efforts are aimed at disseminating and highlighting its value in society.



Determined to show the world that we have one of the best extra virgin olive oils in Jaen, she redesigned the business model applied so far and gave it a twist.

Specialised in distribution, this great lover of arts, cinema and literature combines all these worlds to bring a different and innovative vision.



This expert in reinvention was born creative. She is as meticulous and perfectionist as someone can be, because “every detail counts.”

Challenges are her passion and Pago de Espejo is just her match made in heaven.


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