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Homemade mayonnaise with extra virgin olive oil, your new vice

Homemade mayonnaise with extra virgin olive oil, your new vice

Since we were little, we are used to drinking green mayonnaise at home, YES, GREEN. Depending on the campaign for our extra virgin olive oil, some years the mayonnaise was yellow Lemon Verbena, and others, however, a much more greenish color, such as Sunny Lime, according to Pantone…

Whenever someone new came to our house, they were very surprised to see the color of our sauce. They asked curious about the reasons for that striking color, and once they tried it, “all was lost” and they wanted to put this tasty extra virgin mayonnaise on every dish on their daily menus. The next step, once they had finished with the last drop of the sauce boat, pouring in soups and bread soups, was to ask anxiously about the family recipe.

To this day, their faces still make me laugh when I meet them, since it is the usual recipe, the only thing that varies is the raw material. And, as we always say, the difference between a good dish and a spectacular one lies in using a great Extra Virgin Olive Oil, such as our Picual Pago de Espejo. That slight final heat characteristic of Picual, together with citrus fruits, gives the mayonnaise a powerful flavor as well as silky, very pleasant on the palate.

So now you know, if you want to surprise your guests, or simply enjoy an exceptional mayonnaise at home, follow these simple steps:



Pour the oil into the blender glass; add the egg, the squeezed and strained lemon juice, and a pinch of the coarse salt. Put the arm of the mixer to the bottom of the glass at high power, and leave it to act for a few seconds. Once the mixture has emulsified, very slowly raise the arm of the mixer, from bottom to top, until it reaches the surface, so that all the ingredients are mixed equally.

Once a homogeneous mixture is obtained, beat 2 to 3 times from top to bottom hardly, until obtaining a thick mayonnaise … and it is ready!

Tip 1: Put in the fridge for at least an hour, so that it takes temperature and is more compact.

Tip 2: If you see that the mixture is still liquid, and you have not gotten the mayonnaise to take consistency, the unwanted thing will have happened, “the mayonnaise has been cut”. But don’t panic, nothing happens, we have a little trick. Take another egg, throw it in, and start the process from the beginning, this time everything will be fine for sure!


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