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Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de Jaén – ENG

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaen

Pago de Espejo extra virgin olive oil is one of the best olive oils in Jaen. Our early harvest picual variety oil is extracted without heating by means of mechanical processes. We harvest fruits in early November, when they are at their optimal level of ripeness, which is called “en envero”.

Winner of several national and international awards, our extra virgin olive oil has an intense fruity aroma, and a sweet entry to the palate, with a slightly spicy twist at the end typical of the picual variety. A well-balanced olive oil perfect to cook from red meats to fish, stews and even chocolate desserts, with which it makes the best pairing. Click here to know more!

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaen

Extra virgin olive oil (known as AOVE in Spanish) is in vogue. And it is a justified trend, because this liquid gold is part of the superfood family recommended by every nutritionist.

Our country is the world’s largest producer of olive oil, with over a million tons a year, which contributes to the Spanish culture of consuming AOVE on a daily basis, as the Mediterranean diet prescribes.

Pago de Espejo extra virgin olive oil is an early harvest olive oil, harvested in early November, when olives are “en envero” (olives’ optimal level of ripeness, when they provide a lower yield but a higher quality).

In addition, our olive oil is produced through mechanical processes and cold extraction, leaving behind chemical processes that are typical of refined oils and simple olive oils. Olives are milled within hours after they are harvested, resulting in an excellent gourmet AOVE with an intense fruity aroma and a well-balanced slightly spicy aftertaste typical of the picual variety.

If you love gastronomy and nice olive oils, we encourage you to try our excellent liquid gold, one of the best AOVEs in the province of Jaen.


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